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Garmin G1000 Training - Core and VFR Procedures

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Jeppesen CFI Toolset - Primary Visual Tools

Price: $99.95
€79.95 | €95.14 (Incl. German VAT)
Item # JS202410

The Primary Visual Tools is a growing software set that enables live training and student practice. Each one of the tools has a specific purpose, and when used together help to focus training, reducing the time that it takes to understand key topics. These tools take Flight Instructor led training to the next level.

All of the software can operate as a stand alone program, or integrate into a PowerPoint presentation.

Product Screenshot:


Key Features Include:

  • Navigation Tool - A top down view of an aircraft, VOR, & NDB. The side panel includes an ADF/RMI, HSI, and CDI
  • Holding Tool - An upgrade to the Navigation Tool that shows pilots how to determine a holding entry
  • VFR Plotter - A movable VFR plotter with computer "pencil" for drawing a course
  • Circular Flight Computer
  • Lighting and Glideslope Trainer - This trainer shows VASI, PAPI, TRI-COLOR, PULSATING, and ILS indications
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