AOC Message Interface Overview

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Date: September 18, 2014

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Table Of Contents


1 Introduction

This document discusses the AOC Message format, which defines how every message is "wrapped" and sent through an Airline Operation Center (AOC).

1.1  Audience

The intended audience for this document includes existing and potential Jeppesen customers, integration partners, and personnel with roles associated with application architecture, application development, system testing, implementation, and application support for the Message Wrapper.

1.2  XML Schema/XSD

The XML schema for this ICD is published in the following file: AOCMessage.XSD


2  AOC Interface Messages

2.1 AOC Message

2.1.1  Message Overview

In order to route messages accurately and effectively each message must be 'wrapped' such that the original message becomes the body and the header contains all the routing information needed by Jeppesen Solution Integrator (JSI).

The JSI wrapper wraps all inter-application and inter-process communications whether request/response, or publish/subscribe. It contains information about the type of message but no information about the content of the message. Such content is contained in the ICD between the sending application and receiving application.

Refer to the Message Overview for additional information concerning the use of this message.

2.1.2   Message Details

The following table provides details on the message version and includes links to the message’s technical specification.

Message Version

AOC Message v1

Defined in XSD


Sample Messages