Common Interfaces

Document Version: 4.9

Date: July 27, 2016

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1 AOC Common Interfaces

XML types that are common to more than one system (ICD) are defined in a single XSD (CommonTypes.xsd). Refer to the CommonTypes.xsd in conjunction with individual abstract system XSDs when tailoring a message or creating an adapter for a specified interface.

NOTE: The XSD specification documentation for these common types are included in each system specification where they are used. For example, the Dispatch XSD specification also contains a specification for all of the common types defined in Common.xsd. Therefore, each individual system specification should contain all information required to develop messages or adapters for that system.


2 Common Types Change History


Description of Change

01-December-06 Header Data removed and appropriate data placed in the AOC Message Overview. Added
version 2 FlightKeyType and version 2 FlightIdentifierType. Added version 2
FpResponseFlightType. Added a name (Tag) to FpResponseEtpType repeating group.
26-January-07 Added the following additional types: CruiseModeType, FpRequestAltitudeType,
FpRequestRouteScenarioType, FpRequestScenarioType, FpRequestSpeedScheduleType,
FpResponseAlternateAirportType, and FpResponsePlanStatisticsType.
Added millibars to AltitudeTypes notes.
Added fuelRemaining field to the FpResponseCheckpointType.
Added enroute field to the FpResponseFuelType.
Added the following fields to FpResponseFlightType version 2: flightLevel, averageWind, and
Edited the “name” field notes in FpResponseCheckpointType to indicate the “toc” and “tod”
Changed “fuel” field Use to “C” in FpResponseSegmentType. Updated fuel Note to clarify fuel
calculation condition.
Changed FuelMeasurementType to FuelQuantityType.
Changed use of “duration” field in DelayCodeType from M to O.Moved groundSpeed and
trueAirspeed fields from FpResponseTocTodType to FpResponseCheckpointType. Deleted
Deleted toc and tod fields from FpResponseRouteType.

Added kilometers per hour (kph) to valid values of AirSpeedType and SpeedType. Updated summary table
with new messages.

31-July-07 Added the following Boundary types: BoundingAreaType, BoundingAreaPolygonType,
BoundingAreaCircleType. Added BiasType for use in both Flight Planning and CD003.
Added AOCMessageClassType, AOCMessageNameType, and AOCVersionType.
Updated WaypointType icaoAreaCode to icaoCode and updated description. Added
FuelDurationType, FuelQuantityDurationType, and FuelBurnRate. Added
AltitudeCruiseModeType. Updated the Message Summary table. Removed enroute field
from FpResponseFuelType. Changed "currency" to "units" in PriceType.

Added DmiIdentifierType. Added DepthType. Added LimitingConditionType. Updated
RunwayIdType. Updated the Message Summary table.


Modified length of AirportCodeType (Other) from 8 to 4 to match the XSD. Updated Notes for DmiIdentifierType.

10-January-09 * Added the following new messages: CS013 Create/Update Airport Record,
CS014 Delete Airport Record, WX004 WSI Weather Feed, and WX005 Point Query for Raw or Decoded Data.
16-March-09 * Added the following message references to support future AOC messages: CS001 - CS012,
MX013 - MX015, OC025, and SD001.
* Updated AircraftIDType.
* Added new AircraftIdentType.
* Updated the following elements in ReasonType: code and information.
* Removed restriction from the duration element (in DelayCodeType complex type).
* Updated annotations (documentation) throughout the XSD.
01-October-09 * Added the following new messages: CS013 Create/Update Airport Record,
CS014 Delete Airport Record, WX004 WSI Weather Feed, and WX005 Point Query for Raw or Decoded Data.

* Added the following new element for GPS: IntegrityLevelType
* Added the following new messages: GP002, GP003, GP004, GP005, CS015, CS016, CS017, and CS018

31-March-10 * Added the following new messages: AN001, AN002, DP007, DP008, ND001, ND002, WX006 and WB003.
14-October-10 * Added EF001vAEFFOperationalFlightPlan.xml
22-October-10 * Added new message CS019. Updated WB004
24-February-11 * Added new XSD
24-March-11 * Added new XSD
8-June-11 * Added new XSD
8-August-11 * Added new XSD.
* Removed RS002 from Common - RS001 was rebuilt to cover all versions of RS002.
* Added new OC033 and OC034 message to support dispatcher and aircraft lock functionality.
* Expanded flightNumber, common element from 5 to 12 characters.
5-October-11 * Added new XSD
15-November-11 * Added new XSD
17-February-12 * Added new XSD. Updated with new DP012
17-February-12 * Added new XSD. Added new message to Common (AT017, AT018, WX009), add EF003
23-July-13 * New XSD.
8-November-13 * New XSD.
3-March-14 * New XSD.
18-September-14 * New XSD.
24-December-14 * New XSD.
26-May-15 * New XSD. Changed structure for all flightKeys with new flightKeyChoice. flightKey/flightIdentifier for Commerical, bagaFlightKey for Business and General Aviation consumers. bagaFlightKey includes: aircraftId (registrationNumber, noseNumber, serialNumber), flightOriginDate, optional operationalSuffix, departureTime (coordinationTime), POD. Added new WX msgs: WX010 vA, WX011 vA, WX012 vA.
3-March-16 * New XSD.
27-July-16 * New XSD. Added WX013 Historical TAF. DP002 updated addition of departure point of lat/lon or a point other than an airport.
26-January-2021 * New XSD. Added AA021 PointCalc Reference Id Status Request & Response